The Mechanical Bride


The desire to bring the perfect artificial woman to life is as old as Pygmalion, but new technologies are making its realization ever more likely. Limning the border between fantasy and reality, this provocative and eye-opening documentary journeys from the outer limits of science fiction—visiting classic scenes of fembots in film and television—to the state of the art in artificial companions—from life-sized silicone love dolls to humanoid robots.

At its heart are the stories of men who keep the dream of artificial love alive: Davecat, the goth doll owner who likes nothing better than taking his silicone girlfriend to the cemetery; Slade, the “Realdoll Doctor” who runs a “hospital” for broken love dolls; Chris, the robot builder whose business plans include offering replacement spouses to bereft widowers; Michael, the German “Creator,” a self-described mad scientist attempting to build the most advanced sexual android in the world; Sorayama, the well-known Japanese artist whose “sexy robot and gynoid” pin-ups have graced numerous walls and rock album covers; and others, both strange and strangely familiar.

Narrated by screen icon and former television android Julie Newmar, The Mechanical Bride is a smart, funny, and deeply human look at the "cluster image of sex, technology, and death" on which media scholar Marshall McLuhan commented over a half century ago in his book of the same name.