The Mechanical Bride

C. Grant Mitchell

Producer / Cinematographer

C. Grant Mitchell has written, directed, and produced numerous short- and long-form documentaries, directed the western drama The Pavillion (starring Craig Sheffer, Patsy Kensit and Richard Chamberlain), and co-created the reality series MTV Burned. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio/TV/Film and later completing a Directing Fellowship at The American Film Institute, he and his producing partner embraced early the burgeoning democratization of filmmaking with an experiment dubbed SpyWorm, which fostered the creation of countless 5-minute documentary shorts by independent filmmakers. He and his wife, Tiziana, are currently the owners of Aesthesia Studios, a complex of photographic stages, event spaces and creative suites located on the west side of Los Angeles. He is also president of a closely held family corporation, overseeing a portfolio of commercial real estate, development and hotels among other assets.

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