The Mechanical Bride

Rich Ragsdale

Music Composer

Co-founder of KNR Productions, Rich Ragsdale began as a composer for film (Edmond, Eight Legged Freaks), television (King of Queens, According to Jim, Will and Grace), and video games (Aliens vs. Predator, No One Lives Forever). In 2003, Rich crossed over into the directing realm on shorts (Into Something Rich and Strange), features (The Curse of El Charro), and numerous music videos, however, he continues to compose award-winning scores for feature films (including Big River Man, The Nickel Children, and The Giant Mechanical Man). His hand-built, highly stylized approach to both music and visuals have won him a solid base of accolades and admirers. Lending his sound design, editorial and production skills to KNR’s first feature, Phantom Love, Rich has also solidified his role as a producer.

The soundtrack for The Mechanical Bride is available at 2M1 RECORDS

The director's liner notes can be found here.

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